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We love to help startups to build their product.

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Gemmi-Arts is modern software house located in Krakow, Poland. We specialize in building real-time web applications. 
Our goal is to help companies and startups achieve their goals. Software house services include research, prototype, design, software development to finally launch your product.

Final product

Minimal Design

We love intuitive and beautiful products with minimal design where content and actions take the forefront of the user experience.

Fast Loading

Fast loading application improves the user experience and strengthens your position in the search results.

Unlimited Possibilities

Each of your ideas will be carefully prepared and presented to the end user.

Component Based Design

Consistency and standards in user interface design.
Consistent design is intuitive design.

Clean Code

We write a code that not only a computer understands but also a human.


It not only means simple, but it also represents a more visualized and well-bedded applications.

Tell us about your idea.

Phone: +48 607 204 845
E-mail: [email protected]